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K2 - Summit 30 - Glacier White

Shop K2 for the ultimate heavy duty ice holding coolers. One-piece, roto-molded construction for extreme toughness and durability. Constructed of food-grade material that is UV resistant and DryIce compatible. The roto-molded process is a high temperature, low pressure, forming process that utilizes heat and dual axle rotation. While it’s a more time intensive process, the end result is a durable, one-piece part with no seams for maximum durability and life.
+ IceVault Gasket sealed lid
+ Endura Hinge System full length integrated hinge to keep you lid permanently attached. 
+ PosiTrac rubber latches
+ SureGrip rubber feet are non marking and designed to keep your cooler exactly where you put it. Smooth Glide covers are also available.
+ EasyHaul handles designed for comfort and durability and HOLDtight anchoring points on both sides for easy mounting solutions no matter the sutuation.
+ Tottent drain System with screw in gasketed assembly with tethered center plug to allow quick and easy drainage.
+ Can Capacity 20  Dimensions at Handles 20.25 x 18.25 x 16.38
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